About Blended Learning

As a companion to our digital content, Redwood Learn offers a suite of print products that creates a powerful blended learning opportunity. With a focus on literacy in social studies and science, the suite of products includes:

1. Informational Text: Social Studies Middle School Supplement (Student edition) - This 152-page book contains 20 stories, each with learning activities.

2. Informational Text: Social Studies Middle School Supplement (Teacher edition) - This edition contains all of the learning activities from the Student edition plus 20 quizzes and copies of primary source documents mentioned in the stories.

3. Informational Text: Science - Off the Wall, Chemical Elements in Action - This book covers 20 common chemical elements and their relevance to daily life. In addition, learning activities follow each story.

4. Reader's Guide: Shores Beyond Shores: from Holocaust to Hope, My True Story by Irene Butter with Kris Holloway and Johnn Bidwell - This 50-page book is both a summary of Shores Beyond Shores (258 pages) and a summary of the historical context of Irene's story as a Holocaust survivor. In addition, students become active participants in the story by sharing their thoughts with each other and completing learning activities. In the back of the book is a Vellum envelope containing copies of relevant primary source documents, such as the train manifest from the train Irene took after being freed from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in northern Germany in January 1945. Finally, a Redwood Learn video interview with Irene brings her story to life when students hear her speak.

For more information, contact Judy Miller at jmiller@redwoodlearn.com